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Employers are looking for new ideas in their benefits program:

  1. How can they improve their benefits program, without incurring more cost?
  2. How can they increase their employee attraction and retention?
  3. What can they do to save additional money?


As advocates for Employers and their staff, we have an exciting new benefit program now available in our area!

We all agree that Health insurance is good for the doctors and the hospitals, but leaves the employee with bills to pay, including lost income. Supplemental benefits are necessary to create a complete benefits program.

But imagine this- what if your employees could get the supplemental coverages they need (Disability, Life, Critical illness, etc.), with no reduction in their take home pay? (see illustration)

Now imagine that your business was able to save money while offering this program to your employees. With our program you save around $600-700 annually, per employee.

Looking to attract and retain employees? This program is a perfect way to help you with that.

You do not need to change your health broker, or your Health Plan.

For most Businesses, this is the single most innovative new idea in employee benefits they have seen in 20 years. Using modern technology allows us to be creative, with new opportunities. Say goodbye to the old benefit ideas of the 1990’s, and say hello to the modern world.